We wouldn’t be doing this without Food Fleet. They are our muses. They totally get us. So we asked them to write their own words. Maybe that was a rash decision….

Version 1: Food Fleet are one of the largest providers of mobile and pop-up solutions in the US. The company was founded to help provide partners with more opportunities to work for event producers, corporations, universities, convention centres and other areas where food service is a core component. They bring the very best elements of the food and beverage industry, and focus on the core values on which the hospitality business was built.

Version 2: Once upon a time two schmucks decided to buy a food truck. Before losing “all of their ass”, they realised that their skills would be put to better use helping food truck owners rather than actually being one. They still lost their ass, but only a small piece of it, and after eight years and countless surgeries they are almost whole again…