11 | Mar | 20

Richard Johnson

Peruvian Street Food?

Listen. The great Auguste Escoffier ranked Peruvian as the third greatest cuisine in the world — behind French and Chinese. The country is one of the world’s top culinary destinations. So why is the rest of the world only just discovering it? We’ve had a handful of great Peruvian restaurants, but why not on the street? That’s exactly what Carlo Carozzi has been asking himself.

“As a simple Peruvian guy living in Scotland for nearly 20 years, I missed the flavours of home” says Carlo. “And although five of the world’s top restaurants are in Lima, my home town, great food isn’t just about high-end restaurants – street food in the UK is massive and we wanted Peruvian food to make its mark on the street food scene in Scotland.”

Carlo has entered the 2020 Scottish Street Food Awards, and hopes to make it to the finals of the British Street Food Awards supported by Hellmann’s – and then on the Europe. Expect the unexpected. Dishes such as lomo saltado, anticuchos and ceviche for instance. “Plus we’ll be using ingredients many people in Scotland will never have tasted – like our native chilli aji amarillo, queso fresco, and purple corn.”

The Peruvian community will certainly be out in numbers to show their support. Like they did last year, at the opening of the The Peruvian during the Edinburgh fringe. “After a few days trading the hidden Peruvian community found us – like guinea pigs coming out of their nests as they smelled the flavours of home.” That’s quite an image….